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Why Is My Water Heater Making Weird Noises?

All water heating systems produce a bit of noise during operation due to the expansion and contraction of metal tanks in the heating process. However, you should be concerned if the noise level increases or if it is making some unusual sounds.

Reasons Why Your Water Heater is Making Weird Noises

You can easily find the solution or understand the situation by knowing some of the reasons behind the issue. Our experts for furnace service in Orlando, FL, have made a list that explains all the reasons behind your noisy water heater:

  • Excess Sediment Build-Up

The hard water inside the tank causes sediments to build up inside the tank. The excess sediment particles start to mess up with the heating system, and you may hear little explosion-type noise from the water heater tank. All you need to do is flush and drain your water heater tank to fix the issue.

When you shut the water off, the water-pounding problem occurs when large amounts of water surge back through the pipe. It may cause the pipes to burst, requiring you to call the boiler repair in Orlando, FL, to adjust the pressure in the system with the help of pressure-reducing valves.

  • Obstruction in the Heating System

The water heater makes a hissing noise when the debris interferes with the heating system operations. There is nothing to worry about if you hear a crackling noise once in a while.

However, if it persists, you should drain the water tank and call the technician. There is moisture-build up if your water heater runs on fuel.

  • Change in Water Pressure

If your water heating system makes ticking noise like a bomb, you do not need to worry because it is not hazardous. The ticking noise is coming due to the change in water pressure in the water heater.

Call the technician to fix the pressure in the system, and the water heater will operate appropriately without producing alerting noises.

  • Loose Valves

There is a loose valve that needs to be fixed if you find that your water is making a whistling or screeching noise. The water escaping from the loose valve makes a strange noise.

You should check the water inlet and outlet valves to ensure they are appropriately fixed in their place. Call the water heater installation in Orlando, FL, if you need help tightening the loose valves.

  • Deteriorated Anode Rod

An anode rod helps reduce sediment and bacteria build-up in an electric heater. It gets worn down with time. If you hear a popping sound, it is a hint that there is a fault with the anode rod and you need to replace it.

Call the Technicians If the Problem Worsens!

Contact the HVAC technician to check the water heater because some of these noises indicate something is wrong with your heater.

Gomez AC Contractors can help in heat pump installation in Orlando, FL. Explain your problem to our experts, and we will quickly find a solution to resolve the issue. Call us at (703) 906-0982 or visit our website to get in touch.