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How To Know If A Furnace Flame Sensor Is Bad?

The furnace flame sensor is one of the safety operations inside the burner assembly. It is an essential component that ensures whether there is flame or not burning inside the combustion chamber. If the flame sensor detects no light inside the combustion chamber, it automatically shuts down the furnace system.

Consequences of a Bad Flame Sensor

What happens when there is an issue with the furnace flame sensor? Let us find out what happens to a furnace system with a faulty flame sensor and how the furnace service in Orlando, FL handles the problem.

1). What Happens When There is An Issue With the Flame Sensor?

Flame sensors are a simple safety system that ensures the gas valve is open only when the flame is burning. If the flame sensor is broken, the flame flows through the furnace system even when there is nothing to ignite it. It will cause the flame to accumulate inside the chamber, which is hazardous to your family.

2). Is My Flame Sensor Worn Down or Broken?

According to the boiler repair in Orlando, FL, the flame sensor can wear down after five years of use. Mostly, the flame sensor gets clogged down due to dust and soot. The furnace system is located in a dusty room, and the dust, soot, and other air-borne particles accumulate on the flame sensor.

The sensors are designed to have a low tolerance for reading the variations and shut down the system even due to the slightest carbon buildup. Experts use a technique to distinguish whether the flame sensor is broken or needs cleaning:

  • Turn down the furnace system.
  • Shut the gas valve.
  • Take the mounting screw and carefully pull out the flame sensor.
  • Clean the sensor if the insulation structure is intact but there is dirt and soot all over the sensor.
  • However, you need to contact the HVAC contractor in Orlando, FL, if you find cracks in the sensor.

Signs That Indicate a Failing Gas Heater Fire Sensor

Here are some signs that indicate your flame sensor is working improperly:

  • Yellow Burner Flares

Open up or look through the peephole of your gas heater to see the shade of the flares starting up in the burner. You need to call the furnace service in Orlando, FL, to check the system at the earliest if it is yellow or orange. It indicates that carbon monoxide is accumulating inside the system.

  • Short Cycling Issue

Note down the duration of the heating cycle if you want to know whether there is an issue with the flame sensor. If the heating cycle stops after a few minutes, your furnace is short-cycling. It might be due to a malfunctioning flame sensor.

  • Corrosion on the Flame Sensor

Call the boiler repair in Orlando, FL, immediately to replace the flame sensor if you notice any signs of rust. Due to normal wear and tear, high humidity, or poor maintenance, the sensor may rust. You can also contact us for the heat pump service in Orlando, FL.

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