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Heating Maintenance In Orlando, FL

Heating Maintenance in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL and Surrounding Areas

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When it comes to being a homeowner, you can’t do without a heating system to maintain a comfortable indoor climate during the colder season. Contact us today for furnace service in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL, and Surrounding Areas.

Regular heating maintenance is highly recommended to keep your heating and cooling system in good working order and avoid costly repairs down the road. HVAC service providers also offer a maintenance plan that you can choose to keep your system well-maintained and in excellent working order. Your equipment will run at peak efficiency all season long if you do regular preventative maintenance on it now.

Heating Maintenance in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL and Surrounding Areas

What are the Benefits of Routine Heating Maintenance?

Heating system maintenance should be done in the fall before the winter weather sets in. The following are five of the most important advantages of regular heating maintenance:

  • Savings on Repairs: Maintaining your heating system regularly will help keep it in top working order. This prevents typical heating system damage that could otherwise be extremely costly. The only way to avoid costly repairs is to have a professional heating specialist evaluate your equipment.
  • Increased Lifespan of the System: Purchase and installation costs for your home’s heating system are substantial. To avoid such unanticipated costs, existing equipment must be given an extended lifespan. A well-kept furnace or heat pump will last around five years longer than a badly maintained one.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: When a system is used for a long period, it wears out and loses efficiency. You may extend the life of your heating system by lubricating moving parts, replacing old belts, and conducting general upkeep on the system by having regular heating maintenance conducted on it.
  • More Comfort: Maintaining a well-functioning heating system will make your home more pleasant all winter long if you perform regular heating maintenance. It will also make it less likely that your system will fail unexpectedly and leave you without heat.
  • Safety: Maintaining your home’s heating system regularly can assist keep your family and property safe. Harmful gasses or any electrical problems from your heating system can have concerns that are exceedingly detrimental to your health and the health of those around you. It’s possible to prevent these problems before they become exasperated.

Along with heating maintenance, we also provide boiler repair in Orlando, FL.

When is the Right Time to Get Your Heating System Checked?

When your heating system is turned on during the cold season, after not being used for several months, it is likely to be covered in dust, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants.

An annual furnace or heating unit tune-up is recommended for the average home before the winter weather arrives. Any problems with your heater will be addressed ahead of time.


Get in touch with Gomez AC immediately to schedule heat pump service in Orlando, FL, or any other of your HVAC needs. We have a team with decades of expertise who can get your heating and cooling system back to full capacity. Get in touch with us today.

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