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Heat Pump Services in Orlando, FL

Heat Pump Services in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Many people nowadays are considering switching to eco-friendly technology to conserve the environment. The benefits of modern technology are many, but in some cases, can be expensive. The high-rising inflation in the economy has made people preserve things already installed in their homes because purchasing something new will fetch an expensive bill. Get the best heat pump services in Orlando, FL at the best prices.

People are switching to HVAC systems that last for a long time and need less maintenance to work appropriately. These days, a heat pump is one of the systems popular among the residents. Are you thinking of buying a heat pump for your residence? Below are some suggestions from our HVAC contractor that one should know before investing in a heat pump system. 

Why is a Heat Pump System Better Than a Central HVAC Unit?

A central HVAC system uses fuel for combustion to generate heat and provide warmth indoors. However, heat pump systems do not rely on fuel or combustion processes to increase the temperature in your home.

Heat pumps use warm air under the ground surface and focus on moving the air from one place to another. A heat pump system uses electricity to extract the heat from the high-temperature place and delivers it to a low-temperature place which is your home in winter.

An exciting feature of a heat pump is that its functioning is irreversible. A heat pump can work in the summer season to provide relief from high temperatures. During the summer, a heat pump extracts the heat from your interiors and transfers it to the low-temperature area. If your require heat pump services contact Gomez AC.

Different Types of Heat Pump Systems

The ductless services in Orlando, FL, refer to the place with a high temperature as the source and a low-temperature place as the sink to simplify the heat pump functioning process. There are two types of sources from where the heat pump extracts the heat:

Air Source-Based Heat Pump System

The heat pump system extracts the heat from the air during winters and summers. You might wonder how the heat pump system will extract heat during winter. According to the HVAC contractor, It might sound astonishing, but -18°C temperature holds 85% of the heat at 21°C.

Ground Source-Based Heat Pump System

A ground source-based heat pump system extracts the heat from under the ground and dumps the heat from the indoors into the ground in the summer.

You can use a duct system or a ductless indoor unit to deliver services inside the residence. According to heat pump services in Orlando, FL, People prefer to buy air-source heat pumps because ground source heat pumps are tough, and it fetches an expensive bill, including the labor and installation costs.

Repairs Issues in a Heat Pump System

Here are some issues that need heating service in Orlando, FL, that are faced by the residents who own a heat pump system:

  • The heat pump constantly functions without taking breaks.
  • You see ice on the outdoor unit’s condenser coils.
  • You cannot feel the air coming from the indoor air handler.
  • A heat pump system cannot cool or warm the environment.
  • The heat pump system struggles to switch from heating to cooling mode.
  • Water drips from the heat pump system.

How is Purchasing a Heat Pump System Beneficial?

Here are some advantages of the heat pump services in Orlando, FL, you might get by purchasing a heat pump system:

  • You do not have to worry about maintenance costs, as the maintenance bills are minimal if no repair issue bothers the system.
  • Safe to operate as there is no dealing with combustion fuel or process.
  • Helps to reduce the carbon footprint, but it is not entirely carbon-neutral.

Other Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Services in Orlando, FL Includes:

  • Heat Pump Services
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Heat Pumps
Heat Pump Services in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL and Surrounding Areas


A heat pump system is an eco-friendly and energy-saving system that is perfect for homes in regions without extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. It is perfect for investment because a heat pump works for around 15-20 years. However, you must be cautious about heat pump services because heat pump repair can be expensive, especially if it is a ground-based heat pump. Call us today to schedule an appointment for heat pump services.

If you need to find an HVAC contractor, that guarantees to provide optimum and reliable services to maintain your heat pump system. Our services will help you whenever your heat pump system works irregularly. Whether you are looking for an HVAC company for heat pump installation or repairing a malfunctioning heat pump, or air conditioning services in Orlando, FL, Gomez AC is your one-stop shop.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

When the temperature outside drops below 40 F, one must not use heat pumps. At this point, the heat pumps start to lose efficiency and eventually become ineffective. You should follow this rule to extend the life expectancy of a heat pump. Contact a professional heat pump service in Orlando, FL, for other important information.

A heat pump is designed to keep homeowners comfortable in any weather condition. However, experts suggest that leaving a heat pump all day long is economically inefficient. You should switch off the system to avoid energy waste.
Since the heat pump contains refrigerant, it can cause environmental pollution through unwanted leaks. However, modern heat pumps can prevent such leaks and minimize the pollution rate.

Electric consumption is significantly low if one uses an air-source heat pump. The heat pump service experts in Orlando, FL, advise homeowners to opt for a higher efficiency rating to save electricity.

The heat pump doesn’t use fuel like gas or oil; it can be considered the cleanest and most efficient HVAC system. The geothermal heat pumps eliminate any chance of polluting the environment at all. Apart from this, all the heat pump systems also focus on reducing carbon emissions.