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Boiler Repair in Orlando, FL

Boilers Repair in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Furnaces or boilers provide heat for the majority of residences in the U.S. People start to consider their houses’ readiness for the upcoming winter season as the temperature begins to fall. Heating and cooling account for half of the energy consumed in a home, so it’s important to make informed selections about your heating system. Contact us today for boiler repair in Orlando, FL, and Surrounding Areas.

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What is a Boiler?

Boilers are hydronic heating systems, which means that they move heat using water. One of the numerous advantages of this type of system is the ability to maintain more stable temperatures. Boilers, on the other hand, are often more efficient than forced-air systems and require no ducts. It also prevents mold, dust, and other contaminants from being circulated through the home’s ductwork. If your boiler is not working properly, get boiler repair in Orlando, FL.

How Does a Boiler Function?

A boiler system heats the water in a tank, which sends either hot water or steam through pipes and radiators to warm a room. Typically, a boiler stands atop a burner that burns fuel to provide heat. Rural areas without natural gas lines use propane gas, which is stored in a big tank in the backyard of the house. The cost of propane is typically higher than that of natural gas. Contact experts at HVAC contractor in Orlando, FL, for more information.

Types of Boilers

Many various types of boiler heating systems exist, each with a distinct set of features that are best suited for a certain application. Depending on the construction of your home, your boiler could be one of several different types. Here are different types of boilers:

  • Steam Boiler

Steamed water is heated and distributed around your home using a device called a “heat exchanging unit.” The water flows through a network of radiators in your home. Radiators receive a stream of hot, pressurized steam. Afterward, the condensate is reheated and recirculated in the boiler.

  • Hot Water Boiler

Hot water boilers can use one or more pumps to send hot water to the radiators all across your home. Heating your home using a water boiler relies on pressure, volume, and temperature to do the job properly. To resolve all your boiler problems, get boiler repair in Orlando, FL.

  • Electric Boiler

In terms of environmental friendliness, electric boilers are the best choice, but they can be more expensive to operate monthly than gas or oil boilers. They employ electric heating elements to heat the water without releasing any greenhouse emissions. Your savings on natural gas may not be enough to balance a substantially higher electrical cost.

  • Oil Boiler

Oil boilers are water-based heating systems that run on oil. A separate oil tank, often containing heating oil combined with domestic biodiesel, pumps the combination into your oil boiler to heat the water and transmit hot air or water through the piping in your home. If you do need boiler repair in Orlando, FL, contact us.

  • Gas Boiler

A gas boiler that works almost like a furnace is the cheapest choice. A temperature gauge and a thermocouple are used to control how much natural gas is used. When the boiler’s heating coils are warmed by the gas, hot water is circulated through the system.

Gomez AC provides all types of heating services in Orlando, FL. Our professionals can assess your home’s heating demands and current boiler system and we will offer recommendations based on that information. Contact us today!

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