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Air Scrubbers In Orlando, FL

Air Scrubbers in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL and Surrounding Areas

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A portable air scrubber is a device that filters the air and improves indoor air quality in Orlando, FL. If the air is not properly cleaned, it can lead to health issues and higher remediation costs. Contact Us Today for Air Scrubbers in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL and Surrounding Areas.

Air scrubbers are designed for portable use. Your HVAC system’s ductwork is connected to an air scrubber and through it, pollutants, VOCs, surface contaminants, pet dander, odors, and dust are removed, which results in a healthier, cleaner home.

With this low-maintenance device, you can keep your home cleaner and make it a better place to breathe.

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The Parts of an Air Scrubber

Air scrubbers utilize purification filters to help remove contaminants as the air within the space is circulated. Scrubbers remove contaminated air from space several times each hour, as well as pump in clean, fresh air. Get your AC maintenance in Orlando, FL.

As a result, our units contain HEPA filters that can filter considerably more debris than regular filters. The filter captures mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, dust, and many other airborne pollutants. Cleaning the air continuously with scrubbers will provide a healthy and productive work environment.

In an air scrubber, air passes through a series of filters. Here are some of the pieces of an air scrubber:

  • Pre-Filters: Pre-filters serve as the first stage of filtration, capturing larger particles. Removing these larger particles makes it possible to maintain airflow, process more cubic feet per minute, and improve filtration efficiency.
  • Optional Carbon Filter: Air scrubbers often come with an optional carbon filter, which captures gas and vapor molecules, which we know as odors. Carbon can do this through adsorption, in which gaseous molecules are physically drawn to its surface.
  • Primary Filter: Primary filters remove the smallest particles from the air in the final stage of filtration, and these particles can be as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. It is guaranteed that an air scrubber equipped with a HEPA filter will capture 99.7% of all particles smaller than 0.3 microns.
  • Blower: The air scrubber works with a blower, extracting the filtered air from the unit and pulling it through the filters. To maintain the efficiency of a filter system, the blower’s power must work in harmony with the filter system’s efficiency. An overly powerful blower may result in decreased efficiency. Get AC repair in Orlando, FL for better performance.


Airborne contaminants are removed

Indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Air scrubbers are the ideal solution since they can remove 99.99% of pollutants, contaminants, and toxins. Every commercial operation uses air scrubbers to keep their employees healthy. In addition to protecting workers’ health, these devices also protect the customers.


Facilities often use air conditioning systems to clean the air and prevent the spread of pollutants. Although such systems are useful for controlling airflow, they don’t offer the same efficiency level as an air scrubber.

The manufacturer states that air scrubbers eliminate and control airborne contaminants and pathogens 50 times more effective when used with HVAC systems. During the first half-hour of using an air scrubber, 90% of pollutants and contaminants are removed.

Air Freshening

Charged ions can be used to kill bacteria, odors, contaminants, pollutants, and chemicals, including the smell of air fresheners. It completely removes odors caused by spoiled food, rotting substances, and manufacturing processes.

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