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AC Installation in Orlando, FL

AC Installation in Orlando, Davenport, Sanford, FL, and Surrounding Areas

AC installation is a risky job, and several technicians on the internet will teach you how to install the unit yourself but do not fall into the trap. It is better to call a professional for AC installation in Orlando, FL, to handle the brand new AC unit.

Installing a new air conditioner can help you save money on energy costs. There are many other benefits of installing a new AC. Let’s know what happens during an AC installation in Orlando, FL.

What Happens in an AC Installation Service? 

Here is what a technician does during AC installation in Orlando, FL: AC Installation

  • The AC technician places the outdoor unit at a suitable location in your backyard. 
  • The technician drills a hole in the wall to connect the outdoor unit with the indoor unit. 
  • The technician setups the copper pipe between the indoor and the outdoor unit. After interconnecting the unit, the technician vacuumed the pipes along the indoor unit. 
  • Fix the drainage system and connect it with the indoor unit. 
  • The AC technician connects the outdoor and indoor units using the company’s standard wire length. 
  • The technician seals all the insulation material. 

Things to Know Before AC Installation

Here are some tips from the expert AC installation in Orlando, FL that every household owner should know: 

  • It is essential to buy the right-size air conditioning system. Ask the technician to carry out a house estimate survey so you can invest your money in an improperly-sized AC unit for your household. 
  • Find the place for the AC system where it does not receive sunlight, and the indoor AC unit should not face the door. 
  • Ask the AC replacement in Orlando, FL, technician to properly insulate the refrigeration lines, especially the refrigeration line that takes the cool refrigerant. 
  • Check whether the technician installs the outdoor unit on a flat and elevated surface in the backyard. 

Is it Essential to Schedule Maintenance Service for the New AC?

It is better to start early than late after bearing the consequences. AC maintenance and new AC installation in Orlando, FL is required to keep the AC system in the best condition throughout its lifetime.

According to AC tune-up in Orlando, FL, after 4-5 years, household owners should invest in yearly maintenance plans provided by the HVAC companies in the locality. Here are some benefits of enrolling in annual maintenance plans: 

  • Maintenance services eliminate all the issues that increase the load on the compressor and result in high electricity bills. 
  • The efficiency of the AC system decreases as the dust accumulates over time in the air filter and condenser. It affects indoor air quality and leads to health problems. 
  • AC maintenance service delays the replacement service by several years because if the compressor stays fit, the air conditioning system works perfectly fine.
  • You can relax comfortably in the summers without worrying much about the AC system’s sudden breakdown. 

According to an HVAC contractor in Orlando, FL, every household owner should call maintenance twice in the summer season. 

What Does a Technician do in a Maintenance Service? 

Maintenance service is all about inspecting, cleaning, and oiling the AC system, so it functions smoothly over the summer. Moreover, maintenance services detect the repairing problem in the development stage, so you do not have to worry about expensive bills of AC repair in Orlando, FL, and untimely AC installation in Orlando, FL

Here are the services performed by the experts, during the maintenance service: 

  • Check the functioning of four vital components: compressor, evaporator coils, condenser, and expansion valve. 
  • Inspect the refrigerant and all the coils to check for structural irregularities. 
  • Replace the air filter and clean the AC outdoor unit. External debris and matter can interfere with the AC functioning as foliage, or tiny stems get stuck inside the coils or compressor.  
  • Examine the blower motor and fan for accurate working. The technician also lubricates the mechanical parts, so the AC system works without producing much noise. 
  • The technician checks the electrical circuit and wires for issues that can be hazardous to the AC system.  
  • The technician surveys the safety circuit’s functioning, so it functions precisely to deflect the threat.
  • Check the thermostat is working and connected with the AC unit. 


You can choose from various options to buy the perfect air conditioning unit for your household. A perfect air conditioning unit meets your budget, satisfies your comfort needs, and blends with the interiors so it does not look odd. 

You can call the technicians for AC installation in Orlando, FL, to help find the best air conditioning unit for your household. Gomez AC Contractor technicians will help you conduct the AC installation process smoothly and effectively. No HVAC job is too small for our experts, and your comfort is our priority. Call (703) 906-0982 to contact our experts at your preferred time for AC installation in Orlando, FL

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What do I need to know before installing AC?

Before AC installation, consider the following:

  • The size of the AC.
  • Purchasing an energy-efficient AC is encouraged.
  • Split or window air conditioner.
  • Professional installation.

How long does it take for a new AC to be installed?

AC installation in Orlando, FL, could take as little as 4 to 8 hours. Or, the installation process can take between three and five days for a whole new HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

How do I prepare for central air installation?

Tips on getting ready for AC installation:

  • Check everything technically two times.
  • Clear space for your HVAC installation.
  • Getting ready for your new outside condenser.

Does a new AC unit add value to a house?

An HVAC system should function at an efficiency of at least 80%. AC installation will decrease your monthly costs if your current model runs at a low-efficiency level. With a new HVAC system, homeowners can see a 20-25% reduction in their power costs. When you do this modification, the market worth of your home will increase dramatically.

Can I replace just the outside AC unit?

Remember that during the AC installation in Orlando, FL, professionals advise against changing the exterior unit because it would likely result in a mismatched system.