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5 Common AC Problems That Everyone Faces

Summers can be unbearable due to rising temperatures. At this point, air conditioners prove to be a lifesaver. Cool air and comfort are all you may need at home to gain the respite you are looking for. With increased usage of your AC, it can suddenly break down. A sign of this is when you notice sudden loud grinding noises coming from the appliance. You may require repair or a brand new AC installation in Orlando, FL if the problem persists.

Most common AC problems.

1. Excess Water

A puddle of water close to your HVAC system is typically a symptom of danger. Drain pipes are built into air conditioners to divert moisture away from other HVAC system components, which can cause problems. If you see water, ensure the condensate drain line is intact and clear of cracks. It’s a wise idea to have AC maintenance in Orlando, FL, every few months to combat the issue of too much water.

2. AC is not Cooling Enough

Your HVAC unit is probably low on refrigerant if it is on, but the air isn’t as cool as it should be. Regrettably, if this is the case, you are almost probably dealing with a leak because there is no other way for refrigerant to exit the air conditioner. Many manufacturers advise having AC maintenance in Orlando, FL experts inspect your unit once a year.

3. Foul Odor

Your AC may be experiencing inappropriate air fluctuations in several places because of duct blockages or a dirty air filter that has gone unchecked for years. When there is insufficient airflow, vents may close independently, and the blower motor may become overworked. You can start electrical short circuits via wires.

Power surges can harm electrical connections or thermostats. Then the protective insulation covering the wires melts off, starting a fire that destroys all the connectors and plastics. If you ever smell burning wires, get out of the house immediately and call a professional for AC repair in Orlando, FL.

4. Dirty Filter

A clogged filter is a reason for poor or nonexistent airflow from your vents. It could require your air conditioner to run longer, making it harder to heat or cool your home. Air filters collect dust and other impurities and prevent them from entering the air in your house.

Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter replacement, which will vary based on the type of HVAC system you have. The majority of professionals advise changing your filter every three to six months. Regular air filter replacement will significantly reduce the likelihood of HVAC issues and postpones the need for AC repair in Orlando, FL.

5. Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat is the hub of your home’s HVAC system, and its operation—or lack thereof—can significantly impact how comfortable your home is for you. If you’re experiencing issues with your thermostat, take the lid off to see if dust is the source of the problem. Get in touch with the experts if the issue still cannot be fixed to prevent more issues.

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